Meet the team

P3A Star supports our clients to develop commercially successful electronic products by providing electronic expertise and design solutions. We create products that make a positive change to the users and society.

At P3A Star, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality products that focuses on the end user.

We have taken many clients from their initial idea to a product to production and sales.

We recognise that to get the best result, you need to work with the best people. That’s why P3A Star has many partnerships within our extended network including industrial designers, radio frequency specialists and electronic manufacturers.

We work closely with local manufacturers to ensure what we design can be made on large scale while still being commercially competitive.

P3A Star Staff Memeber - Peter

Peter Nink

With a passion for creating new and useful products Peter Nink has always been excited about applying his curiosity and engineering skills to interesting challenges.

From designing medical life support equipment to scientific devices for extreme environments and renewable energy solutions Peter has covered a wide range of applications over 30 years of his professional career. Today he is focusing on assisting clients in the development of smart products that make a positive difference to the users and the environment.

P3A Star Staff Memeber - Jeremy

Jeremy Street-Thomas

Motivated by user interaction, Jeremy strives to create products that work seamlessly. He also enjoys learning from new challenges and collaborating with industry experts.

Jeremy focuses on software development that integrates seamlessly with our customised hardware. From transport equipment to power generation, Jeremy has international experience testing products to ensure robustness and reliability.

His passion is making reliable, dependable products that have a positive impact on users and society.