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P3A Star supports our clients in the development of commercially successful electronic products by providing engineering expertise and design solutions. We love creating products that make a positive change for our clients, the users and society.

We regularly work with clients who are experts in their field. By adding our electronic product expertise, we assist them in generating even more value in their product range for a competitive advantage.

Below are some examples of released products developed for our clients.  Naturally our work remains confidential until the product is released to the market.

P3A Star Project - Independent Power

Independent Power Generation

What started as a single product now consists of a broad range of generators powering off-grid power solutions all around Australia.

Eniquest specialises in providing power solutions for remote locations. They manufacture highly efficient diesel generators so required dedicated control electronics to automate these generators.

P3A Star provided the electronic design expertise to control and monitor these generators ensuring efficient and reliable electricity supply for a range of applications.

Dedication and innovation resulted in Eniquest winning Australian’s Most Innovative Engineers Award.

We are proud to support and develop products with Eniquest.

“The control system must not be the weak link in our equipment. They must be more reliable and more robust than the diesel engines that they control. …P3A Star have met our needs and continue to work with us as a valued team member in the ongoing development of all our new military and commercial products.”Don Pulver, General Manager Eniquest

Consumer Products

dreat design requires reliable and easy to use technology.

PointPod is meeting these requirements in a beautiful way. The power column raises from your kitchen bench with a simple touch. After use it retracts and blends into the benchtop seamlessly

There is the practical aspect of having power and USB charge points where you need them. But more so this product is very pleasing to operate and we are thrilled to be part of this success.

UPDATE: Point Pod won a good design award!

– well done Cameron and ShapeLabs


It’s been so great working with Peter and the team at P3A*. We had a project that continued to throw up challenges in its design but nothing was too much for the team.  Even as we went into production we were having to tweak the electronics and Peter went above and beyond working out of hours to get our issues fixed. We certainly appreciate all the work put in. Thanks. Cameron Singer – PointPod

P3A Star Project - Consumer Products
P3A Star Project - Independent Power

Power Products

Designed to keep you safe

Ampfibian products not only look good, they are designed to protect.

Point in case is the newly developed 15 A Caravan Surge Protector:

Powerful surge protection is matched with a simple indicator that checks if the outlet you are plugging into is wired correctly. Peace of mind in a waterproof and truly stunning package.

“P3A Star were a virtual extension of our own team. Quick, responsive and totally on top of their technology. They successfully shoe-horned a long feature list into a tight envelope, developing it from initial concept to mass produced reality. Highly recommended: five P3A Stars!”, Oliver Kratzer, Ampfibian

Consumer Products

When the world’s most trusted pool safety gate latch was undergoing a redesign, D&D Technologies saw the opportunity to make their product even better by adding an integrated alarm system.

In conjunction with the industrial designers at Ivoke, P3A Star developed the electronic and acoustic elements of this design from concept through to volume production.

This is a great example of a product conceived, designed and manufactured in Australia for a world market.

The MagnaLatch® ALERT is a new and unique approach to pool safety which also won the Australian Good Design Award.

“P3A Star is a visionary company. The team took our challenging electronic requirements in brief and turned it into a unique, commercialised product that exceeded our expectations.“ Richard Zitzelsperger – Product Development Manager at D&D Technologies

P3A Star Project - Consumer Products
P3A Star Project - Mining


Mining innovation is often based on automation and intelligent control systems to reduce manual labour in challenging environmental conditions.

AMT is an internationally recognised leader in navigation and sensing systems for automation of underground mining systems.

Over many years P3A Star has provided AMT with the hardware platforms to enable the effective delivery of this advancing technology. The example pictured is a navigation and guidance system, which incorporates a short duration uninterruptible power supply suitable for use in explosion protected environments.

“P3A Star has played a central role in the design and development of AMT hardware over many years. This advanced hardware is required to operate in harsh underground mining environments and maintain mission-critical reliability. P3A Star has proven capability in high reliability and advanced electronic design“  – David Reid General Manager Applied Mining Technologies

Battery Management

Lithium batteries are lighter and have a higher power density than their lead acid counterparts, but must be managed so they can be used safely.

Lithium Battery Systems (LBS) was founded to meet a need for lithium battery storage in recreational vehicles.

LBS required a battery management system to ensure the safety and reliability of their lithium battery products. Existing battery management systems were insufficient to handle their power requirements.

P3A Star was engaged to design a custom battery management system. The control electronic ensures reliable and safe battery management including a remote display for battery status. Like all of our designs we focused on commercial manufacturability to enable a local manufacturer to build the product.

“This is a very professional design. I can’t fault it.” –  3rd party design review ordered by LBS

P3A Star Project - Battery Management
P3A Star Project - Water Management

Water Management

Pool equipment is expected to operate every day of the year with minimum maintenance and reliable performance.

For Evolution Water & Lighting Solutions, P3A Star designed the Evolution Series Chlorinator with a focus on simple operation and maximum performance and reliability.

With many thousand units now installed, the design has proven to be a winner. It operates in a range of conditions from the hottest parts of Queensland to the cooler climates in the southern states.

“Evolution Water & Lighting solutions have engaged with P3A Star to develop a number of circuit boards and the associated software for our renowned Evochlor Chlorinators. We have found P3A Star to be highly competent and thorough in their work, and professional in project management. P3A Star has provided us with sound advice and takes the time to understand the unique requirements and constraints of each project. We look forward to our continued collaborations in the future.”  – Des Pacek, Evolution WLS

Sport Technology

Parlo Technologies set out to make golf tracking technology accessible to the average golfer.

Clients often engage P3A Star to improve the reliability, robustness and ease of manufacturing of an existing prototype.

Parlo Technology engaged P3A Star to design the electronics for the Beagle product, integrating with both the custom industrial design and the purpose built Bluetooth phone application.

The design optimised the battery life of the unit and focused on ease of use.

This resulted in a product that is now in quantity production.

“As a startup we were looking for expertise to transition a proof of concept prototype to production ready. The Beagle project required stringent power efficiency, custom software implementation and enclosure size restrictions. P3A Star took the challenge in their stride, exceeding expectations and providing valuable guidance throughout the process.”
– Brendan Osborne, CEO of Parlo Technologies

P3A Star Project - Battery Management

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